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Watch Divided the Movie – Free Online

By Jim Bartlett, July 2011
If you have been concerned about the effects of youth group ministry on your family or are wondering what a family-integrated church is all about, then watching “Divided” may be helpful to you.  It is very common for home school families to notice issues with their church experiences.  I think this is because they are taking Biblical duty seriously and as a result, the Lord is showing them where church experiences differ from the Bible.

Watch” Divided” the movie
Visit the NDHSA Blog Here to read the rest of this article which contains additional  recommended references on youth ministry and family-integrated church.
When our family began home schooling we heard about “family friendly” churches and then asked our pastor what a “family friendly church” was.  He explained that a family friendly church was one that had programs for each age group.  When I heard that I thought, “I don’t know what a family friendly church is, but I don’t think that is the right description of one.” Today, the term used for a family friendly church is “family integrated church” and such churches deliberately keep the children with the families for worship and usually don’t have Sunday schools or youth groups.  They tend to serve youth in family other integrated manners.
A few years ago, I attended a great example of a family integrated church in Iowa after a home school convention in Iowa.  Each family sat at a round table together for Sunday school and Worship and lunch.  We are now helping to develop a family-integrated church in our area, which was common for 1800 years of church history, and is common among most home fellowships today.
Divided the Movie helps people understand that most young people are leaving the faith because the church has abandoned the Bible in how youth are being educated in the home and church. Instead, the evolutionary-based factory model of segregating children by ages, just like public school, has been adopted by most churches.  Long story short: Platonic family-separating psychology and pragmatism has usurped Bible.
Watch” Divided” the movie HERE (http://www.dividedthemovie.com/ndhsa)
Two other references along these lines that have been helpful to our family on the topic of youth ministry and family-integrated churches are:

By Christopher Schlect, Canon Press, free online HERE.
FAMILY WORSHIP: Biblical Basis, Historical Reality, Current Need by Kerry Ptacek, Southern Presbyterian Press, 1994. Free online HERE.
The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (http://www.ncfic.org/)  has directories for both families and churches doing or interested in family-integrated churches. So far only three families and one church haves signed in from North Dakota.  Check that out HERE. http://www.ncfic.org/family-list

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