Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Join us at the Pizza Ranch for a fundraiser buffet!

Join us at the Pizza Ranch for a fundraiser buffet!

WHEN: Friday, March 4th, 2011
TIME: 5pm to 7pm
WHERE: Jamestown Pizza Ranch 805 20th Street SW
  Enjoy the delicious food at Pizza Ranch and benefit the NDHSA at the same time! A portion of each buffet will go to help the NDHSA - plus all the tips in the tip jars we provide. YOU MUST BRING THE FLYER (CLICK HERE FOR THE FLYER) or they will not honor the fundraiser. One flyer per group/family.
The price is $9.60 for ages 11 and up and that includes tax and drink. For age 10 it is $8.64 and it goes down one dollar per year after that. See you there!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Amended HB 1211 Passed by ND House: Watch it here

Note: This video was captured from a live stream so that's why its plays a little choppy.

HB 1211 URGENT!!

The NDHSA will likely be voted on today. I have heard from a Rep. that there has been little or no email response urging representatives to support this bill. However, those in opposition have apparently been active. If this bill is lost on the floor, it is a goner.

Contact your representatives NOW. Urge them to vote for HB 1211 as amended.

Gail M. Biby

Friday, February 18, 2011

Illinois Homeschoolers Fight to Stay Green - Not Even File Statements of Intent

Illinois Homeschoolers Fight to Stay Green - Not Even File Statements of Intent
Even Illinois, a state with no home school regulations, not even registration using statements of intent, must be vigilant against the loss of their freedom.  As an inspiration from history, Rev.  Muhlenberg, who in addition to his call to the ministry, rose to become one of the highest ranking officers of the American Revolution and a Congressman, reminded all he touched that if they failed to get involved to protect their liberties, there would be no liberties left to protect.

Congratulations to Illinois home schoolers for the great turnout of 4000 homeschoolers!

A few quotes from the article:

"Mercadante said roughly 4,000 people flooded the Illinois capital building in Springfield on Tuesday for an initial hearing for the bill.""Other states such as Pennsylvania, New York and North Dakota have relatively high regulations, including requiring parents to submit test scores or allow home visits by state officials.""They have opened a can of worms on this. We're continuing to work to get assurances from Maloney and the rest of the legislators that not only is SB 136 dead, but the entire issue of home schooling registration is also dead."

Read the full article

Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Encouraging Word & Strategy - Politics, Tyrants and the Christian Statesman

Pastor Paul Michael Raymond with quotes from Pastor Joe Morecraft

“When God begins to judge a nation for its revolt against Him, He removes effective leaders and replaces them with irresponsible and reckless ones who have no appreciation of the past and no commitment to the future under God…[However] when God begins to lift that judgment and begins to receive and rebuild a nation in the midst of repentance, He restores Christian leadership at all levels of church and state in answer to the earnest prayers of His faithful people.”

“When men with Godly abilities refuse to take upon themselves the yoke of political authority for the benefit of their friends family and fellow patriots, then ungodly, misdirected, reckless, unproductive, and oppressive leaders will rush to the fountains of power.”

1. Build a Team of Committed Saints.

2. Identify their talents.

3. A. Some will be great researchers. Give them the charge of researching the current issues of the day, choosing those that need to be addressed locally, state-wide or nationally.

B. Others will be able to research God’s Word and the various Christian documents of history to bolster the argument and provide solutions.

C. Others will be able to put it all down in clearly written form. You will need people who can write clearly and have proper grammar. Use someone who has grammatical skills to edit before any publishing.

4. Monitor the politicians when in session or in local meetings. Go to the meetings. Be sure the local Newspaper accurately records what really happened as many papers are bias. Many localities use committees appointed by the magistrates for zoning, building et al. These need to be monitored as well.

5. Get to know the politicians. Make yourself visible. Those in your team that are good communicators and have a good public report ought to be ‘out and about’ the people and the politicians. Let them know someone is concerned. But moreover let them know someone is watching. Subtle intimidation can be very effective.

6. Don’t be afraid to expose corruption. While most politicians are unethical, in our godless age being unethical is not a crime. It is, however, a sign of potential corruption. If corruption can be substantiated do not be afraid to involve the local FBI. They are God’s ministers for good. Force them to adhere to their calling by persecuting the evil.

7. Keep governing official on their toes by requesting sensitive financial documents using the Freedom of Information Act. (FOIA) If they know someone is accessing their documents they may toe the line more carefully.

Read the entire article HERE

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rep. Rust's Motion to Delete 80% of HB 1211

Committee Work on HB 1211 from NDHSA Webmaster on Vimeo.
House Education Committee votes unanimously in favor of Rep. Rust's motion to delete 80% of HB 1211, leaving only removal of the sunset clause

Monday, February 7, 2011

HS Day at the Capitol 2011

Video courtesy of Andrew Bornemann.

Photos by David Bartlett.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Part 2: Education Committee HB 1211 - Stegman (B-D)

Dr. Ben Stegman testifies in support of HB 1211.

Part 2: Education Committee HB 1211 - Stegman (A)

Dr. Ben Stegman testifies in support of HB 1211.