Saturday, February 5, 2011

Part 6: Education Committee HB 1211 - Breuer

Glynn Breuer testifies in support of HB 1211.

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Wendy O'Neill said...

Thank you to all of the gentlemen for your meaningful testimonies in favor of HB 1211. Dr. Stegman's testimony will be especially helpful. I hope that when opportunity arises for home graduated adults to speak publicly, that more will do so. Their testimonies, their viewpoints should be at the forefront alongside parent educators. If the public could see these fine young people, hear them share what home education has meant to them, I believe that would stir folks who have a stereotypical opinion about homeschoolers to examine the facts. I don't personally know any young adults who are home graduated, but the men testifying in these clips do. Please encourage your graduated/nearly graduated kids to participate more vocally in this legislative process. Hopefully one or more will write a letter to the editor of the major newspapers in the state. It was great to see so many young adults at Home School Day; our future looks brighter because of them!

Our family is looking forward to seeing this bill pass as it is written. Let's keep spreading the word; encourage homeschoolers to contact their legislators. And request supportive grandparents to do the same!

Wendy O'Neill

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