Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Very Interesting Legislative History to Read

The North Dakota Legislative Council now has a pdf file of the entire record from the HB 1171 hearings and chamber votes from 2009. HB 1171 was the 2009 home school bill initiated by the NDHSA which led to the removing of the phrase "in the home," which limited home education to the home, and relaxed the requirements for monitoring to those who do not have a high school diploma or GED, rather than bachelors degree. It did not move ND out of the high regulation category and includes a sunset clause, which means the law returns to its reading prior to the 2009 session, if 2011 legislation is not pursued and passed.

Here is the link worth reading on what transpired in 2009. Our family found it helpful to ponder the concerns of the legislators and those who testified against deregulation of home education.

This legislative history might even make interesting speech and debate material for a home school support group, or family or church discussions.

Jim Bartlett