Saturday, July 23, 2011

Call for Strategic Planning Ideas: NDHSA State of the Art to Cutting Edge

By Jim Bartlett

I received a newsletter from an electronics manufacturing company recently with some helpful insights on how organizations can do their best in competitive industries.  Below are a few of the thoughts from Jim Raby, Technical Director for STI Electronics, that are also helpful toward advancing the state of the North Dakota Home School Association. The bottom line: Get young adults (and other creative) ideas involved to move the NDHSA from state-of-the-art to leading edge in serving God and the home school families of ND.

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From Jim Raby: "I was just thinking about ..companies and how some of them work very hard to maintain growth and market edge, while others have coasted along with products that they have had for years and as a result, get by or are passed by in an aggressive industry. advance the state-of the art..Many times a company will pull their .. staff directly from the old school population and ask them to do this advanced planning and design.  It is difficult to see how these people will think ahead or out-of-the-box.  They are only going to support the old design and confer with the same old school colleagues and have  no new ideas. To achieve or develop leading edge technologies, one should go to a university known for producing great .. talent and collaborate with their students or recent graduates. These people have no preconceived notions, have no old ideas and don't know any better than to think out-of-the box using new technology.  As a result, leading edge technologies are developed that meet the challenges of today that are brought to the market.... Do you need help in advancing the state of the art with your products to become leading edge or are you just going to change colors of the units and shipping containers? ..desire revolutionary thinking..."

Christian thinking young home school adults should be encouraged to use all of their talents to the glory of God (Ec. 12:1) and their good ideas are very important to the advancement of the Kingdom of God via Christian organizations like the NDHSA.  Just as in the electronics manufacturing example above, to advance the NDHSA from state of the art to cutting edge, anticipate and meet the current and future needs of a larger and more diverse home educating population -- young adult home schoolers, we need your insight.  And the NDHSA welcomes your participation in all aspects of its home education ministry, from board members, staff positions, to volunteers or just sharing your ideas with us via an email.

Could your family take a few minutes after dinner one evening and brainstorm about how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the NDHSA?

If yes, please take a few notes and send your thoughts to me, including any "out-of-the box" ideas that you think that the NDHSA should consider.  The NDHSA Board of Directors will be meeting for their annual retreat at the end of August with long-term strategic planning on the agenda and therefore, your ideas will be helpful and timely.  Give us a call or email or reply to this blog post to let us know what you think we can do to be more effective and efficient in: outreach to churches, help public school parents transition to home education, convention planning, legislative action, home college development, information resources, political action, publications, fund raising, support groups, encouraging dads in leadership, or other areas of interest.

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