Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Political Change is Often So Slow (1 Sam 16)

Why Political Change Is Often So Slow
1 Samuel 16:1-13, By Pastor Phillip G. Kayser

“One of the things in 1Samuel that I suspect some of you will be able
to identify with is the frustration of how long it took to get King Saul out of
office. Saul was in office for a total of 40 years and his son was in office
over the northern tribes for another 7 ½ years after that. Now the first two
years of Saul’s reign were actually pretty good, but that still makes 45 years
of frustration.”
This articles explains that when people are not ready for liberty, the resulting tyranny can be working together for some good, while God’s people learn to understand God’s view of politics, be loyal to God’s choice in candidates, practice Biblical interposition, not fear the majority, define the arguments Biblically, and more. Here is the link to the notes from this sermon:

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