Tuesday, October 5, 2010

America's Trojan Horse: Public Education

America's Trojan Horse: Public Education
By Michael J. Metarko
Remembering the Trojan Horse

The crafty Odysseus won the Trojan War for Greece by deception with the Trojan horse. An entire city was desolated by sleight of hand, worship of a false goddess, and false security. The Trojans sincerely thought the war was over, but sincerity is insufficient without the truth. They found out too late that they were wrong. They unknowingly led the enemy right into their city’s heart, blindly trusted the enemy’s word, failed to do their own research and inspection, and became complacent, focused on their own pleasures. Because of these foolish actions, they lost their children, families, city, and lives. America is Troy; our public education system is the Trojan horse.

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