Saturday, July 9, 2011

Uncollege & Theil Foundation Inspiring Projects

Notice at that the unschooling method of home schooling is equally applicable to college studies. Over the years, there has been several good websites by uncolleging students which they used to keep their learning organized and displayed. Though doesn't promote Christian education, the founder has been speaking at home school conventions around the country, and the methods of uncollege can be used to learn anything. There was a good and simple example of a student curriculum vita linked to Dale Stephens is the 19 year old founder of and has received a grant for $100,000 to develop the concept further from the Theil Foundation.

The Theil Foundation encourages young people to challenge the authority of the present and familiar with $100,000 grants to students under 20 years old. Here are a few of the interesting projects that might inspire other home college methods (e.g., Biblical Concourse of Home Universities, AME Program, New Geneva) and students to realistically think high tech and outside the box.

1. Extend the human lifespan for a few more centuries and commercializing anti-aging research. .

2. Make affordable scientific instruments using open source hardware systems such as liquid chromotography.

3. Molecular spintronics fabrication to therapeutic drug design and synthetic biology to build a diagnostic biosenser.

4. Developing peer-based recruiting processes.

5. Create technologies which help people self-organize to solve social problems such as inflation.

6. Decentralize banking in poor countries with mobile financial services.

7. Create a tool for teachers to create and share lessons online by students and other teachers.

8. Mobile apps for the 21st century classroom.

9. More efficient motor for electric vehicles.

10. Solar panel rotation systems for optimizing energy usage for small villages.

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