Thursday, June 23, 2011

College and Alternatives

By Jim Bartlett

New York Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto explained how corporations, foundations, psychologists and education professionals designed the public school system to mass produce a pliable workforce for global corporations. They purposely teach people not to think for themselves and to follow anti-Christian social orders according to Mr. Gatto in his books Dumbing Us Down, The Underground History of American Public Education, and Weapons of Mass Instruction.

If getting pliable followers, not Christian cultural leaders, into the corporate workforce is the goal of school and college accreditation structures and content, then Christians need to understand and evaluate the effects of institutional college education on their families, church and culture.

Getting into college should not be the goal of home education, but glorifying God in the means, purposes, details, and ends of both the college and or career education. Many home school families are finding or creating alternatives to conventional secular and Christian higher education to better serve God and their family goals.

Below are are a few references that have been helpful to home educating families when advising their sons and daughters on college and career decisions.

The North Dakota Guide to Home School High School contains information that may help with your college planning. That document is linked HERE.

A convenient list of many occupations is linked HERE.

For information on..

A guide to 111 traditional Christian colleges is linked HERE.


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