Monday, March 7, 2011

The Joel Heitkamp show regarding HB 1211

This is part of the discussion about HB 1211 on the Joel Heitkamp show 3/7/2011. Do you agree or disagree with Joel Heitkamp? See poll on the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Joel Heitcamp spends so much time interupting the people who call in that the discussion isn't a discussion any longer but almost becomes an argument. He's got the microphone, unfortunately, so therefore he's got the power. Just the tone of this voice brings me to disagree with him.

Wendy O'Neill said...

I forced myself to listen to Joel Heitkamp Monday morning, though I knew what he'd have to say on this topic. Like so many, he is just stuck in the mindset of "I sent my kids to public school so everyone else should do so". The only part of this show segment that concerned me is when a gentleman called in, saying they had homeschooled and he agreed it was completely necessary to have mandatory testing. To try to reason with Mr. Heitkamp on this issue is probably not worthwhile, but I was glad he allowed a couple of homeschoolers to say their piece. It always strikes me as being odd, when homeschooling opponents will state that they know some homeschoolers and the kids are just super, very intelligent, etc. But then they'll go on to say it is only because of our state's high regulation that homeschooling has worked for those families. Mr. Heitkamp did just that and then made the assumption that the homeschoolers in his district (during his time as legislator) were fantastic people, had wonderful kids, but they basically need close watching. He was also sure those same people would agree with him on the testing issue. Perhaps he'd be surprised by their opinion.

Hope folks in the homeschool community will ask those in conservative radio to give the bill some airtime. I'm finding there are a great number of conservative minded people who are all for smaller government, less intrusion into families; however, they are not quite on board with this homeschooling thing! Perhaps if they could just get better informed on the law (by hearing more about homeschooling on the air) they'd give this bill some support.

Press on!

Wendy O.

Mama in Dickey County said...

Caller Jeff got to the heart of the issue with his comment, "They are not the state's kids to regulate." Right on! Then Joel said, "If that's the case, why you should have to educate your kids at all?" What?! "HAVE TO?" Sounds like he thinks that if education weren't compulsory, most parents wouldn't do it. What a sad opinion of your fellow humans. Perhaps he doesn't realize that people, to the best of their ability, indeed educated their children or sought out an education for their children PRIOR to compulsory education laws.
I don't view education as something I HAVE to do for my children. It is something I WANT to do. And I will do it whether anyone tells me to or not.
Do I need the state to tell me when and what to feed my children? NO!
Do I need the state to tell me how often to bathe them, how to dress them, when to let them out to play or when to keep them in? NO!
Do I need the state to tell me when to get my kids up in the morning or when to put them down for naps and then to bed at night? NO!
Do I need the state to tell me when to seek medical attention for one of my kids? NO!
I am capable of assessing my children's needs and finding ways to meet them. The same goes for their educational needs. I do not need the state to tell me how, when and what to teach my children.
(Now stepping down from my soapbox.)

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